Get a Brand-New Heater for Your Home

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Has your heater been making odd noises? Do you notice leaks under your system? These are telltale signs of a broken heater. Call the pros at Upchurch Heating & Air, LLC for heating system replacements. You can trust our qualified team of experts to remove your old unit completely and finish your replacement in a timely fashion.

We provide heating system replacements in Amarillo, TX. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Keep your heater well-maintained

Keep your heater well-maintained

You want to keep your heater performing at its best. The best way to do that is with heating maintenance services. Our company offers a maintenance plan that includes:

  • Fixing minor damage
  • Replacing parts and hardware
  • Changing out damaged equipment
  • Checking fluid levels and your system’s thermometer

Never miss a service when you sign up for our maintenance plan. Contact our team in Amarillo, TX today to learn more about our heating maintenance services.